About us

Slide We help organizations enabling their people to become more vital To empower and inspire teams around the world to become as vital as possible. Our deepest belief is that individuals and teams will perform at their top when their body and mind are sound. We believe that in order to make vitality accessible for everyone, living healthier should be a rewarding, fun and challenging journey. Plan a demo
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Our deepest belief in a vital workforce, for an excellent corporate performance

Fitter was founded in 2017 by Bob & Bart to simplify and quantify the way companies empower their talent. By our unique holistic view we enable companies and organizations to create a more vital workforce, in a fun and challenging way. To learn more about how we make teams around the globe more vital checkout the page below.

Our Leadership


Lars Noorlander

Lead Backend Architect

Antje Ziska

Lead Mobile

Daniel Schneiders

Chief Marketing Officer

Bart Evers

Revenue, Sales & Co-founder

Bob van der Panne

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Bob van Leeuwen

Infrastructure, Cloud & Lead Front-end

    Our Values

    We’re a deeply mission-driven company. These are the core ideas we return to when we make decisions.
    Inclusion & Diversity
    We believe that everybody can live healthier and that everybody can benefit from a better lifestyle. Whether you’re a healthy, well trained athlete or you’re suffering from an illness and struggling to take the first step: becoming more vital should be available, fun and challenging.
    Technology & Responsibility
    In order to improve vitality on a scale, technology is the enabler of our generation. Technology opens possibilities to track, monitor and use insights to make people more fit. But it comes with a great responsibility with regards to the quality of the insights we provide on which people make important lifestyle decisions. Just like using and storing personal data. The storage of personal data should always be secure, minimal, robust, deletable and in a way that people are fully aware.
    The one thing that drives us is making a positive impact on peoples lives. By building a vitality platform we aim to improve peoples vitality and health. Every descision we make should be a step towards a more vital user base.
    No Nonsense
    We are straight-forward guys with both feet on the ground who use to-the-point communication. And we have an allergy towards workplace politics.

    Come work with us

    Come do meaningful work with kind, smart colleagues who’re invested in your growth. And your vitality obviously 🙂